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Although the webcam business is a fairly well-known field of activity, it is still shrouded in many myths. Models who are just starting their careers often hear bad comments from girls who have not been able to succeed in this field. They quit their day jobs, starting a career as a webcam model, but they never managed to earn anything. There are also stories about a mysterious friend who manages to chat for no more than an hour a day and still earns $1000. But this is all untrue!

Myths about webcam

First of all, we must remember that although the work of a model is easier and more enjoyable than working in an office, it is still work. An interesting show and a fascinating conversation with a member is exactly what men are willing to pay for. Webcam does not require any investment at the very initial stages – you can start working without financial costs. And if you have a desire to connect your life with work in this field, then all investments will definitely pay off.

The main myths about working as a webcam model

A very common and unpleasant comparison of the webcam business with prostitution. People equate models with girls of easy virtue simply because they envy their high earnings. And the girls just communicate using a webcam and get paid for it. But the misconceptions and stereotypes don’t end there. That is why we have collected the most common myths about working in video chat, so that you know what else you can hear from envious people and ill-wishers.

Myth #1: Ideal appearance
Many girls interested in working in video chat mistakenly believe that for this work you need to have the appearance of a Hollywood star and a chiseled figure. This is wrong! In video chats, girls with very different appearances and body types are valued. The main thing is to be able to highlight your strengths and be active during the broadcast.

Myth No. 2: You won’t earn much from webcamming
And this is also not true. If a model really puts in the effort early in her career and takes her work seriously, her efforts will be rewarded. Even beginners in webcam can earn up to $1000 in their first month of work. If it were impossible to make money in video chat, would girls pay attention to this type of income? And besides high incomes, webcams can easily be combined with study or work – this should not be forgotten. Yes, you won’t be able to get rich and earn millions in the first week, but your income will increase every month.

Myth No. 3: A model must know a foreign language
Models most often communicate with residents of the USA, Canada and European countries, so knowledge of foreign languages will be a plus. But this is not at all a mandatory requirement. Technologies allow models to correspond using various translators. Some cam sites offer built-in translators to make the model’s work easier. In our company, each model has access to a dictionary of the most frequently used English abbreviations and phrases, which also helps in their work. Many girls learn the basics of English through chatting, and then continue their studies with a tutor or in language schools.

Myth #4: Models need to invest in expensive equipment
Another myth concerns equipment. There is an opinion that to work in video chat you simply need the latest and most powerful computers and the best video cameras, otherwise there will be no place for the model in the webcam. In fact, today you can broadcast even from a smartphone, the main thing is uninterrupted Internet access. Typically, models invest in a computer, camera and lighting only when they have the opportunity to spend part of their income from working in video chat on it, but not before trying themselves in this profession.

Myth #5: A model must be naked on camera
Female models, in principle, do not owe anything to anyone. They are thousands of kilometers away from their interlocutors, so no one can force the model to do anything against its will. The model itself chooses the category for work and determines the boundaries of what is permitted. For example, for those who want to earn money only from communication, there is a “flirting” category, in which nudity is prohibited by the site rules.

Myth No. 6: Friends and relatives will find out about the job.
Don’t talk about where and who you work for – then it will definitely remain a secret. In addition, after registering a new model, our managers hide her account from users from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, as well as any other country whose residents the model does not want to see on her broadcasts. Thus, it will be impossible to find the model’s profile on the Internet.

Myth #7: A model should know how to act in front of the camera.
Most often, webcam models come into the webcam industry without any experience. So, of course, a model does not have to be a born actress and know exactly how to behave in front of the camera. Such knowledge comes only with experience. All a model really needs at the beginning of her journey is a love of communication and the ability to charm

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