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Probably, every model is tormented by the question: how to protect yourself from ill-wishers, going online every day and being in front of the eyes of hundreds of viewers? Models care about their personal safety and privacy. In this article, you can learn how to maintain your safety and at the same time make your image even more attractive.

Even if privacy and confidentiality are not at issue, any model can use various costumes that completely or partially hide her face and at the same time allow her to create a unique image. There are many ways to change your appearance for broadcasting. Thanks to this, you can amaze video chat users with a new, striking look, avoid revealing your identity, or, for example, organize a cosplay show, appearing in front of fans in the costume of a character from a fantasy world.

Use various accessories to create your looks

You can change your appearance with wigs and makeup. In addition, accessories such as:

  • glasses and contact lenses;
  • false eyelashes;
  • veils and hats covering the face;
  • masks.

Use these accessories to avoid being recognized. If you don’t wear glasses in everyday life, then you should wear them for your broadcasts. You will be amazed at how they will change your face! Do a make-up that is unusual for you, apply brighter lipstick, put on colored lenses and glasses, complete the look with a spectacular wig – and you will be transformed beyond recognition!

Many online stores offer a wide selection of various accessories that will be useful for working on a webcam. The Internet is full of video tutorials that reveal the secrets of makeup. Check them out to get inspired to create a whole new look!

You create your own style
From my own experience, I know that many images that are good for working on camera are not suitable for everyday life. A cheap black wig and thick-framed glasses that help create the image of a nerd girl in front of a webcam lens will look extremely ridiculous in real life.

Regardless of the quality of your camera, users see everything you want to show them. Therefore, it is worth controlling what gets into the frame. To achieve the best results, you need to take care of good studio lighting and camera settings so that the atmosphere you create is transferred to the video as accurately as possible.

Privacy Protection as a Marketing Strategy

If you do not want to be recognized, you can always take the following measures to protect your personal data:

  • post online only those photos and videos where you are in a suit;
  • when creating promotional photos and videos, focus on some parts of the body, but not on the face;
  • make an unusual image your business card.

The mysterious image of how your chip will play into your hands! There are many creative ideas for creating eye-catching images that you can use in your work. Many webcam models have become famous thanks to their original costumes.

Geo-blocking lets you limit access to your shows
Most cam sites offer a geo-blocking option, thanks to which you can restrict access to your profile to users from certain cities, regions, and even countries. The only downside to using this service is that you reduce your traffic.

The option is very convenient, but keep in mind that sometimes your online broadcasts may still be visible in blocked regions. For example, a user can go to a website using a link that you published to advertise your profile. If a visitor does not log in to the site, then his coordinates will not be determined, and he will be able to enter your chat room as a guest.

Constant disguise takes a lot of time
Taking their first steps in the webcam business, models are wary of their work and try to pay as much attention as possible to the confidentiality of personal data and their own safety. But after a while you realize that you start worrying less about such things. Because constant disguise is incredibly tiring. You spend a lot of time on a suit, and time goes by. In our case, time is money. Therefore, over time you begin to relate to this more simply.

Always remember that even careful disguise does not protect you from the risk of being recognized. However, working in a webcam will bring you a very good income, not to mention the fact that it will help you become more creative and learn how to work on your style in everyday life!

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