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Today the article will be devoted to the main question of web models, especially beginners: how to turn ordinary chat guests into regular users and what to do to make them come back again and again? We decided to share with you an article from our foreign colleagues, which contains the opinions of five webcam models. You can learn some of their secrets and tricks.

How to get users interested

The webcam industry is extremely exciting, because the topic of relationships will always be interesting. As a cam model, it is important to have a lot of creative ideas to not only attract users to your chat room, but also to keep them coming back! We have published many articles on the topic of making your fantasies come true, telling you what to do and how to do it. And today we decided to find out the opinion of the models themselves!

Casie Smith
The first thing you need to understand is that you are not obligated to keep the user in your chat room. But this does not mean at all that you can remain inactive. No, you must be able to entice! My specialty has become a kind of humor. I always make jokes, laugh at myself and try to be easy to communicate with. Users who like it check me out regularly! Once you have an audience, just be yourself!

Sasha Red
In the world of webcam, as in everyday life, you need to maintain interest in yourself. Put on a real show for your users, let them get to know you better. For example, I really like to hold fashion shows showing my dresses and lingerie to guests in the chat room. I also love chatting about history and cinema, sometimes I even watch movies in a private chat with the members. We have fun and comment on what is happening on the screen. I’m not pretending – I’m really interested in knowing their opinion, their view of the film.

Anastasia Lipov
I’m a child at heart, so I love games. I like to dress up and do my hair. I manage to interest the user with my attention to his person. I ask questions, we talk about topics that interest him. I always remember what the user likes and try to learn more about him. It doesn’t matter what he is interested in – history, music, literature, fetishes or something else.

Devious Angel
Just have fun in your chat room: dance, smile, chat with members! If you behave like a ball hostess and entertain your guests, they will definitely come back to you to get to know you better. My first show was terrible – thank God no one recorded it! I just stood in front of the camera like a mannequin. Now I understand how important it is to take action!

Aubrey Novaa
I’m new to the camming industry and have only been working as a model for a few months. My advice: be yourself! Then users will certainly want to get to know you better. I hate it when people compare me to a doll, because webcam models are not some dummies. Thanks to my correct attitude to work, I have a lot of regular members. I behave as if I am in a relationship with them, and do not forget about self-development.

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