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It is very important to be able to attract members through different images and shows. The more creative you think, the more interest your show will generate and the more viewers you will attract. Want to know how to stand out with rhinestones and sparkles? Today we will talk about exactly this!

Web model – star

Men love, first of all, with their eyes. Every girl who has decided to realize her ideas in the field of webcams should remember this. A beautiful, well-groomed body attracts wealthy members, and after being invited to a private chat, the model receives money for every minute spent with the member.

Tips for webcam models who want to not only attract a member, but also make good money from private communication:

  • play, flirt, take advantage of feminine charm;
  • do not be intrusive – the member must have a sincere desire to spend time alone with you;
  • enjoy communicating with anyone. Remember, your sincere pleasure is a compliment for your interlocutor;
  • use as many new accessories as possible to attract viewers, don’t get hung up on a specific image, always look for something to surprise;
  • Don’t think that by visiting the chat once, the member will be yours forever. There are many competitors around who are more accommodating, sweet and charming;
  • try on new images and don’t be shy to be yourself.

In order to become a video chat model, a girl does not need to have ideal parameters or ideal appearance. In fact, appearance standards for models have long since become obsolete. Among clients, those girls who remain true to their own individuality are in demand. Learn to correctly emphasize all the advantages of your appearance and then you will definitely succeed!

Experiments with image

There are many examples when imagination created a real masterpiece. The latest trend in the world of modeling business – decorating the body with glitter and rhinestones – can also be considered such a masterpiece. A beautiful body is just a plus. A girl who wears a beautiful short skirt that matches the color of the sequins is sure to delight the members of the opposite sex on the other side of the screen.

The model seems to be naked, but at the same time everything is hidden under a thick layer of sparkles and rhinestones. Advice for web models who are just planning to experiment with such sparkles:

check the quality of paint or glue with glitter in advance on a small area of skin so that during the broadcast period you do not develop an allergy;
choose bright colors with the effect of luminescent paint, which can be used in the show even in the absence of light;
It’s better to buy more expensive paint that will last longer, and the color on the body will not fade or crumble over time.
Among the most popular brands:

  • Glitter Single;
  • Nyx glitter mania;
  • Inglot Body Sparkles;
  • Glitter-rus Glitter;
  • Make Up Factory.

Glitter for the body and face based on cosmetics that should not cause allergies or itching. Everyone’s skin is different, and therefore allergic reactions may not appear immediately. Therefore, study in detail all the features of the cosmetics you use, so that after such experiments you do not suffer from a rash on your skin for several days after the broadcast.

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